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Matthew B.

Wonderful service. Dr. Pat is excellent. He's extremely personable and attentive. I've been going to him for back and neck issues for several months now and he has greatly helped and improved the issues I originally came in with. He's very willing to work around your schedule. When you come in, instead of feeling like you're going to a regular Doctor's office you have a more laid back and personable experience that I have not found at other chiropractor's offices. It truly does not feel like your typical Doctor's office/appointment. Not only do I think that this office deserves a 5 star rating but I also think that Dr. Pat does as well. He truly makes the entire process more enjoyable.

T. Patient

Dr. Patrick Walsh is super and has improved the mobility of my broken shoulder so much and given me great pain relief! I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Pat – just great!

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